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Kate Kimberly , She destroyed him (via canyoukeepasecretxx)

she met a guy and she totally fell in love with him. they were dating for a while and now they are boy&girlfriend. she suffered on depression,anorexia and she went through a lot of cutting. her boyfriend helped her to get over all the things that are stuck in her head. but then after a while he’s changing. he could not take it anymore so he started cutting too. his depression is gettin worse. but she could not help. she was drowning from her own problems and from all the demons deep inside of her. she loved him with every heartbeat. she made a big mistake. she hurt him. the boy changed forever. she could not take it anymore. so she decided to let go. he never looked at her the same way as he did before. he never kissed her with the passion and love as he did before. the new “him” is different. he is full of hate. but he still loves her. but he never showed her agan. so she let go. she took the pain away and went sleeping. she never woke up again. but she still loves him to the moon and back.
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